Dash Quasar

Dash Quasar is a VR game about the imaginary games we all played as children.

What I did in this project:
For the 1st Stage, I script interactive item and some boss ability for 1st Stage. I also modeled and textured the main room with Maya and Photoshop. For the 2nd Stage, I script and design the AI system for the dragon boss, and I design and build the level, gameplay, and level structure.

Team member:
Sung Chu Liao: Programmer and 3D Artist
Jose Vergara: Creative Director
James Zolyak: Sound Design and Implementation
Bingnan Li: Programmer
Keyan Sun: Design and Additional Programming
Alex Kalpakoff: Sound Design + Voice Talent
Alex Farrell: Composer

  • Role Designer, Gameplay Programmer & 3D Artist
  • For Game design, Level design, Gameplay programming, VR, Unity, Modeling
  • Date 01/2018 – 06/2018
  • Type Gameplay programming (C#) – Design – VR – Unity – Modeling
  • URL jvergara.itch.io/dashquasar

Dash Quasar Trailer