Psychology Report


This project was my midterm works for my level design class. I spent five weeks on everything.

I designed the level map and game-play with the Photoshop first. Then I did some the modification with the quality assistant.
Model part: I used Maya to model and UV some basic models (door, wall, table, blackboard…etc) to build up the level. Then, I paid around 30$ to download the “Horror_pack” from Unreal 4 market to get more models.
Audio: All of the soundtracks is from the I also did some modifications and mixed with the Audio Audition for the current background music and sound effect.

Coding: I use unreal four blueprints to script this game.

  • Role Audio Modify with Adobe Audition, Unreal 4 Blueprint, game design, Level design, modeling.
  • For Personal Game Design Project
  • Date 11/2015 – 12/2015
  • Type Programming (Blueprint) – Design – Modeling(Maya) – Unreal 4

Preproduction package: These image are the first version of my game design and level design